Why you should integrate ERP with Prestashop for your business

Do you have an ERP and work with an online store? Do you use them as independent systems? If so, you are missing opportunities and limiting your productivity. Why? Because integrating an ERP for Prestashop with your store optimizes the business organization and facilitates sales management.

Linking the online store with the ERP is a practical way to have in your hands the controls of all aspects of management. This connection becomes more and more necessary as orders increase. You have to think that, if there are problems and failures in the orders, in the shipments, in the stock of merchandise, customers will gradually abandon you. This is the reality that you can avoid with a very simple action: using a Prestashop - ERP connector.

What are the benefits of connecting your ERP to Prestashop?

Let's take a look at some of them:

An ERP for Prestashop reduces costs and increases profitability.

This is one of the fundamental reasons why it is advisable to work with an ERP for Prestashop. A Prestashop - ERP connector avoids duplications, it will no longer be necessary to manually enter data in one platform by copying them from the other. The process is automated and all web sales will be automatically integrated into the ERP software. This automation reduces the time in the management of each order, as the shipping, product and customer information will already be in the system.

Saving management time makes the team more productive, and therefore the business as a whole will perform better. Fewer staff for the job or the expansion of the company's operation without increasing the staff, promotes profitability.

Customer satisfaction: an important benefit

Up-to-date product information, stock availability and order tracking are key aspects for a satisfied customer. ERP for Prestashop links the physical and online processes, so that the customer is always informed of the status of his purchase. They are notified when they place their purchase order and how the order is being shipped at all times; they have the ability to track their order until it arrives at their door. And all in real time.

Inventory always up to date

The Prestashop - ERP connector makes day-to-day inventory management effortless. You will be able to know the stock of products in real time, without the need for recounts. You will always know what is in stock and what is missing. This avoids sales problems and information errors.

Centralized invoicing and accounting

By connecting the ERP to Prestashop, all operations performed on the web are integrated with the company's accounting software. Order management and invoice generation are centralized in one place. And all data is recorded in the accounting. This centralization makes it possible for you to obtain sales reports and balance sheets.

Market analysis to respond to trends

ERP for Prestashop will help you combine data from all areas of the company. With this information already processed, you will be able to plan short and long term actions. You will know how to improve marketing, you will know with certainty your customers and their movements in the market.

Globalized and centralized overall control

The integration of Prestashop with the ERP centralizes management, and makes it easier to control the entire business process. Communication between the different departments of the company is improved.

You will be sure that the information you manage is complete and updated in real time. With the frequent evaluation of processes, you will have essential elements to prevent problems. And for that you will not need any other auxiliary tool.

Linking an ERP for Prestashop with your online commerce will significantly increase the efficiency of your company. A "win-win" strategy, with which you lose nothing. Do not wait any longer, get informed and start the transformation, you will be happy to see the progress of your business.