Dolibarr: free ERP and CRM, complete and without license cost

Dolibarr is a global solution for your company with which you can have complete control of your system and access it from anywhere.

In a market where there is "saturation" of ERP providers, Dolibarr offers a very competitive product for its features, usability and adaptability. It is a software developed by a team of experts who support and guarantee its efficiency.

What is the essence of Dolibarr?

Dolibarr ERP/CRM is a modular software, the user only activates the functions he wants. This avoids complications and confusions. It is adapted to the business management of SMEs, independent professionals, freelancers or associations.

Basic aspects to highlight
  • It is an open source software. If you opt for an installation on your servers you will have a free CRM and ERP.
  • It is easy to install and use. It has an auto-installer for non-technical users.
  • It works with Windows, Mac, Linux Ubuntu, Linux Fedora. Therefore, there are no system incompatibilities.
  • It is permanently updated, as new functionalities emerge or existing ones are improved.
Dolibarr organizes the products and services of the company
  • It allows the centralized management of products, services, warehouses and stock.
  • It is possible to categorize products and services according to the criteria you want.
  • Create lists and statistics of shipments, as well as delivery notes.
  • Manages batches according to expiration date.
Supports the establishment of different price levels.
  • Commercial functionality of Dolibarr
  • The whole process of quotation elaboration and processing is simplified with Dolibarr.
  • It organizes and controls the orders, with workflow tracking. It saves time and resources in the controls and contributes to customer satisfaction.
  • Reports and statistics of quotations and orders, both from customers and suppliers.
Dolibarr and the financial management of the company
  • Centralizes the financial operations.
  • It issues invoices to customers and suppliers.
  • Performs calculations of taxes, social charges and salaries of employees in accordance with current regulations.
  • Provides a daily summary of sales and purchases.
  • Bank accounts are managed from the software. Generates financial statistics for analysis and decision making.
A special ERP/CRM for project management
  • Companies that need a project management software, find in Dolibarr an efficient and unconditional assistant.
  • It allows to assign tasks and to track them.
  • It is possible to integrate external users involved in specific projects, for example a contracted technician or a customer.
  • It has a general visualization level of the project, which allows to know integrally the status and compliance with deadlines.
  • It integrates the Gantt chart format or a simple list as an agenda.
And also...
  • It has a fully configurable home dashboard.
  • It has document, contract and intervention management tools.
  • Facilitates Human Resources management.
  • It presents point of sale terminals with easy to operate system and linked to billing.
Free version of Dolibarr and prices in the cloud

Dolibarr is free to use if installed on the company server. It also offers paid SaaS service in the cloud.

For Dolibarr Cloud you have 2 plans starting from 9 euros per month with different features and they are as follows:

Basic plan: 9 euros per month per user with 5GB of storage.

Premium plan: 30 euros per month + 12 euros per month per user with 25 GB of storage.

The paid plans offer a 15-day free trial and technical support.

Support and user service

Since this is an Open Source system, you will not find a telephone, email or chat in the free version. Doubts and queries are solved with contributions from users and developers. However, the premium plan does have email support and ticketing system but only in English and French. The support channels are as follows:
  • Website. This is the main source of information. It provides step-by-step instructions for installation and use.
  • Forums. The forums allow the collaborative support typical of open source programs.
  • Videos. It makes available to interested parties and users several videos showing in detail the procedure to use each module of the software.
  • Demo. It is an international online demo of the latest version of Dolibarr ERP and CRM.
  • Social networks. It is present in social networks, where queries are made and doubts are clarified.
What do the users think about Dolibarr?

Dolibarr is a free software that contributes to the basic management of the company. It is oriented to SMEs, and may not meet the needs of complex companies with large commercial volumes.

Some users complain about the performance of certain modules, or the mobile App. It should be taken into account that many of the functionalities have been developed by collaborators or external developers.