Ekon ERP, the online Enterprise Resource Planning software

Ekon is an ERP in the cloud that through its multiple functionalities guarantees an efficient management of your company.

A reference in the business landscape, Ekon with its online management software will help you in the digital transformation of your company to achieve the goals you want.

If you are overwhelmed by the constant changes and technological innovations in the market, this is the solution for you, as it will be of great help to face all these changes in a simple and calm way.

In addition, it is worth mentioning the focus on important functionalities for your company such as Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud.

How it works

Ekon ERP comes in a very flexible platform to ensure the transformations your company needs, easy integration and implementation.

It can boast a good user experience in which everything is quite intuitive, a friendly control panel and alerts and task listings.

Plus you can use it from anywhere and from any device, even from your cell phone.

The desktops are customizable, it offers workflow creation and management and has quick search. It can be integrated with email, desktop sharing or document exchange without leaving the ERP.

Some of the outstanding features of Ekon ERP

Pioneers in cloud computing are focused on SMEs to quickly adapt to the changes demanded by today's constantly evolving markets.


It accompanies companies in their internationalization processes. Ekon's new development platform allows to adjust to the legal and accounting regulations of any international market.


It adapts to the way each company works and manages, to its concepts and systems. It has a simple and intuitive interface and allows the incorporation of customized functionalities that favor user processes and collaborative work. Accessing Ekon does not require installation or special configurations.

  • Ekon ERP helps to turn a company into a high performance, autonomous and productive business. It integrates with other external applications, so it follows your work routine.
  • Modalities by sector
Ekon Industrial
  • With Ekon you will manage manufacturing processes by calculating factors and incidents: costs, deadlines, quality. Optimize manufacturing with detailed information about materials, machinery and personnel and improving communication between sections.
  • This software reduces manufacturing lead times and, therefore, saves time and increases customer satisfaction (See "Industrial ERP: the 9 most recommended systems").
Ekon wholesale for distribution
  • Integrates an ERP solution for distributors.
  • It solves all critical distribution processes: management, finance, budgetary and analytical accounting, treasury, asset management.
  • It has tools for specific sectors, such as chemicals, electrical and electronic equipment, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, among others.
Ekon for construction
  • The Ekon Building Suite responds to the needs of many companies with its ERP for construction. It manages all the company's processes.
  • It facilitates work by projects, with comprehensive monitoring and deadline control.
Ekon Health for Clinical Management
  • It offers answers for organizations in the health sector, through its software for clinics.
  • It offers easy adaptation to most general and specialized healthcare centers.
Ekon Retail
  • Specially developed for stores and retails.
  • It manages the entire chain from the factory to the final store.
  • It manages purchases, production and deliveries.
Ekon Professional Services
  • Designed for companies in the financial and insurance sector.
  • Versatile, flexible and adaptive, it is useful for all types of companies.
Ekon ERP Pricing

There are two ways to install Ekon:
  • You buy the licenses of the necessary modules with a one-time payment. After the second year, you pay annually for maintenance and upgrades.
  • License rental. You pay a monthly fee that allows access to the modules you need, maintenance and updating.
The difference in the cost of Ekon with other ERPs is due to the constant updates and development of new functionalities. The platforms of this software make the innovations very economical and allow the ERP to be always up to date.

Customer service and support

Ekon's success is ensured by a careful customer service. For this purpose, several channels are available.
  • Website. Images and detailed and clear explanations allow a first approach to Ekon.
  • Videos. They show Ekon from the user's experience, the customer's vision and the details of the tools.
  • Seminar recordings detailing the software are available.
  • Explanatory brochure. Free download from the web.
  • Free demo. It is possible to request a demonstration of how the ERP works.
  • Telephone numbers and addresses. Ekon's offices are located in several Spanish towns and cities, where users can be attended personally or by telephone. Telephone: 902 227 000.
  • Social networks. Ekon is present on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, close to the user and available worldwide.
  • Email: soporte@ekon.es
Ekon ERP Opinion

Ekon stands out for its high customization capacity, covers all business management, is fast and very dynamic. It keeps up to date with regulations and is always innovating to improve. The technical support is a great help. It is, in short, a secure and effective solution.

  • It has customizable desktops.
  • Allows collaborative work.
  • It is agile in searches and access to information.
  • It adapts to all types of companies.
  • The support is very efficient.
  • Rates are not public (to be consulted).
  • Customizations and updates are paid for, which makes the use of ERP more expensive.