Visit places of rain diamond and sea diamond

Certainly many people will be overwhelmed when learning about the rain or the ocean diamond giant diamond.

If someone quiz you where most diamonds, probably many of them think of the largest diamond mines in Russia's world, but the truth is still not at other places huge diamond mine more.

The "mine" this diamond will make you overwhelmed by them is like the ocean diamond, diamond mountain and just walked out alone, you can be right in the early fall diamond.

At the same point a few places but if there, you will find diamond bored because.

1. The planet 55 Cancri e contained diamonds weighing 1/3

In 2011, the team at Yale University (USA) have discovered planet 55 Cancri e has an area larger than 2 times and 8 times the weight of the Earth. More particularly, this planet is composed mainly of carbon (as graphite and diamond) and iron, silicon, silicate ...
According to estimates by the researchers, up to 1/3 of the weight of the diamond planet, while the Earth's core consists mainly of oxygen and very little carbon.

According to estimates by the researchers, 55 Cancri e has the speed to move around stars very fast, and the distance between the planet and the star like the Sun is very close. The temperature on the surface of "diamond planet" is averaging about 2,148 degrees C.
Besides, the distance from Earth to the planet up to 40 years of lighting up those who intend to exploit this diamond will have to think again.

2. Rain diamond on Saturn, Jupiter

The American astronomers announced the research shows, the thunder storm in the atmosphere of Saturn, Jupiter will generate carbon particles.

Carbon particles falling fragment will be influenced by the pressures that exist on both planets and form diamond special blocks.

This diamond can block floating down the hydrogen and liquid helium deep in the atmosphere of Jupiter and Saturn. In areas with lower depth, diamond melts into a liquid when influenced by pressure and temperature, forming the diamond giant rain.

Besides, many other researchers to explain, the whole planet is just gas, so our minds will basically filled with high-pressure hot gas.

Carbon may be converted into soot in the upper floors of the atmosphere, but when it falls, it can be converted into graphite at temperatures of approximately 1727 degrees C. When approaching to the planet's core, with heat about 2,726 degrees Celsius, graphite can transform into diamond.

3. Ocean diamond in Uranus and Neptune

Unlike diamond rains, Uranus and Neptune to bring to the astronomers the surprise of the diamond giant ocean.
This study is based on detailed measurements of the melting point of diamond. Accordingly, the experts discovered, diamonds have characteristics like water during freezing and melting in the form of solids, floating above the liquid substance.

Based on the composition of the atmosphere beneath the two planets Uranus and Neptune that the coating is composed of water ice, ammonia and methane experts discovered containing liquid diamond ocean.

In extreme conditions, enormous weight, the coating must bear pressure "crisis" with temperatures in the range of 1727 degrees C to 4727 degrees C.

In such conditions, methane ice is broken up into constituent elements, producing pure carbon and under great pressure, diamonds are formed.

The temperature and pressure makes diamonds solid melts and oceans forming diamond coating at the bottom. Like stone float on water, solid diamond would supernatant liquid diamond as the "iceberg". This means that there may be mountain diamond diamond floating in the ocean in the two planets.
The scientists plan to can put the probe on the planet, or may try to simulate these conditions on Earth.

However, both choices are requiring years of preparation by the economic costs and depends on a number of harsh environmental conditions in the universe. But with the development of science, the hope, the scientists will soon be able to "carry" the diamonds are about to study.