These experiments gem madness of the rich

Burning diamond, gold turned into water, do disappear pearl, jade onyx experiments are "crazy" only the rich opportunity to learn super well done.

People often have to spend a lot of money to buy the things precious jewelry such as diamonds or gold ... But with "the rich opportunity," jewelery, precious stones was also not just items too special.

Especially, with the super-skilled members of the study "Social rich kids", taking the jewels of this experiment ... just little things.

Please enjoy these experiments "crazy" below, to see what they can do if the second hand is the valuable items like diamonds, pearls ...

Experiment 1: Burning diamond

Diamonds have long been considered extremely important people, its value beyond gold.

Natural diamond takes from 1 to 3.3 billion years in temperature, extreme pressure, at depths 140-190 km of the Earth's crust to form.

The main components of the diamond is pure carbon arranged in tetrahedron structures, making it the hardest material in nature, which can cut all other materials. Chemically, diamond does not react with most substances, including acids and bases strongest.

Around the world, many countries have worship and deification of diamonds. The Greeks and Romans considered these stones as tears of the gods or debris from the stars, and the Indians said that they come from lightning ...

However, because there is a carbon structure and if the conditions permit, you can try to experiment diamond burned in pure oxygen. Meanwhile, although valuable to where in a few minutes, diamond will transform completely into CO2 only.

Please enjoy the video below to see the star light fire diamond!

2. Dissolve gold in 'water'

Throughout history, gold has been used by humans as a kind jewelry to express the nobility as well as luxury. Scientific point of view, gold has been the "favored" such as by others with both other metals such as copper or iron, gold is characterized chemically inert.

Gold does not rust by oxygen in the air and does not react with almost all acids and bases. This makes gold can be stored for long periods, while maintaining high brightness and shadow of its original beauty.

However there are some exceptions. A well-known substance that can dissolve gold is aqua regia. This is the hydrochloric acid water mixtures of nitric acid HNO3 and HCl specific characteristics. The two substances are very strong acid, but if the individual response can not dissolve gold. And just as the mixture ratio of 3: 1, it incorporates new aqua regia and gold turns into water at a glance.