The largest pink diamond in the world

Pink diamonds uniquely named "Fancy Vivid Pink" will be auctioned in November to by Christie's auction house at a starting price of up to 15 million pounds (about 510 billion).

Sparkle, dazzle and sumptuous perhaps the most concise fine words to describe the diamond, a gem in the beautiful and most expensive in the world. No surprise that most of the majority of ladies, ladies have a desire to own this gem once in a lifetime. The former is an extremely rare diamond because of the 100,000 members, only one member had brought in flames so seductive. Currently, this blockbuster is still being exhibited in London as part of an international tour weeks before the official sale in Geneva next month.

So what makes these diamonds become so expensive to? According to initial information said, "Fancy Vivid Pink" is currently one of the diamonds has been honing the world's largest with 16 carat weight. More specifically, in the hundreds of thousands of members, then only it carries pretty rare pink "unique" like this.

Reportedly, the goldsmith has crafted premium member "Fancy Vivid Pink" diamond ring into a pole with a lot of glitter particles smaller white diamonds surround. Therefore, it's no surprise that the auction house Christie's valuation for this gem rates up to 15 million GBP. Expected, "Fancy Vivid Pink" will be sold at prices ranging from 23 to 28 million dollars.

Share with the press, the head array gem's international auction firm Christie's, Mr. Rahul Kadakia, said that because of differences in size and color with diamonds previously very difficult to Valuation is this gem masterpiece. He also revealed that the collectors are aggressively bidding war in gemstones, they regarded them as profitable investments considerably after only a short time.

Fancy Vivid Pink addition, in the past, also had a blue diamond is named Blue Moon Cullia originating from mines in South Africa that fascinated fans the secret gems. When detected in May 1/2014, it was just a rough rock about the size of 30 carat gemstone and Cora International Group acquired 16.5 million GBP price. At that time, Blue Moon are the experts rated as extremely flawless stone with vibrant colors like deep blue ocean. Later when honing jewelers, its size was reduced to 12 carats and was successful auction prices broke a world record when it was $ 55 million