The tree only grows on land with diamond

Scientists extremely surprised by the strange nature of this Pandanus palm species.

Scientists in the US have discovered a species trait extremely interesting - it is just sprout, grow on lands that contain diamonds.

Specifically, species of palm tree or Pandanus Pandan (Pandanus candelabrum scientific name) whose appearance resembles palm species, possesses a thorny shell sizes with diverse, high 1 - 20met.

This plant appears a lot in the area of tropical climate and some of the islands in the Atlantic, Indian Ocean and Pacific. Featuring extremely interesting and Pandanus palms as they sprout from the ground contains diamond.

During a search of kimberlite rocks - a type of volcanic rock sometimes containing diamonds, geologist Stephen E.Haggerty of Florida International University have accidentally discovered this feature.

He noticed that, on the surface where he dug kimberlite always indicate the presence of a particular species. This has helped him to quickly find other places to continue mining kimberlite.

At the bottom of this particular tree is a combination of fertile soil contains many minerals. Besides the most notable factor is the diamond, ground to the Pandanus palms can survive longer contains ruins from the volcano eruption, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus - nutrients "fine" without tree species and fully absorbed.

The discovery features Pandanus palm species will be an important step to promote the development of the diamond mining industry, especially in the western regions of the country and South Africa.

However, this work would encounter relatively more difficult, because the dust Pandanus palms always been "acres" in the rainforest with many species of giant trees.

Not only developing diamond mining industry, the findings also help geologists studied the temperature and pressure of the Earth's crust ago 150 million years ago - phase occurred a rift between Africa and South America to create the Atlantic.