The stone contains 30,000 diamonds in Russia

Russian geologists shocked when miners exploited rock containing diamonds 30,000.

A mining company has recently discovered a rock contains about 30,000 microscopic diamonds at diamond mines Udachnaya (Russia).

Through research, geology experts noticed, this stone diamond concentration levels are higher than normal lot.

Because the diamonds in this stone is too small to be processed into gems so geologists have decided to donate the stone to the Russian Academy of Sciences to study.

Geologist Larry Taylor of the University of Tennessee, said: "It is interesting that I have 30,000 tiny diamonds, octagons perfect and not a large diamond".

Geologist Taylor joined fellow X-ray scanning and analyzing rocks collected. Results showed 1mm diamond crystals, octahedral shape - like two pyramids stuck together. The rest of the crystalline rocks larger speckled red, green, olivine and pyroxene.

Test data shows that diamond crystallized from fluid leaks in the crust, likely formed peridotite rocks.

Diamond concentrations are found in rock Udachnaya few million times larger than an average diamond ore. The average concentration is only about 1-6 per ton carat diamond (weighing about 0.2 g 1carat).

Sami Mikhail from Carnegie Institute of Science in the US, said: "The combination of minerals that will reveal to us about certain mysteries of these rocks."

According to geologists, discovered in these rocks will provide clues to important research on the origin of the gemstones as well as the geological history of Earth.