How to identify a real diamond fast and simple

Currently, on the market there are many fakes, poor quality goods. Especially for expensive jewelry like diamonds. Therefore, many customers will wonder how to distinguish between real or fake diamonds to avoid purchasing counterfeit goods.

Method 1: First, to be able to distinguish real or fake diamonds that we can observe with the naked eye.

Sparkle: Looking through the table, real diamond will sparkle more than fake diamond substances. Looking at Real diamonds will see a crumbly mass sparkling diamond in the middle clear, almost fake diamonds but without or with focus on bottom heart.

Thermal conductivity: Diamonds have a higher thermal conductivity of any rocks yet, so in the same temperature environment, the touch will feel colder diamond, should apply to the stone lip, cheek or the sensitive part of the surface for easy inspection. When breaths into real diamonds, the stone will shine again (evaporation) very quickly, and rhinestones will light slows.

Lighting: Real diamonds have high light extraction, so it is in bright, artificial light diamond extracting low light, so there will be opaque white as a thin surface layer of smoke.

Cuts: When set diamonds and Horizontal Horizontal visibility viewed from two sides or edges will be seen clearly. Rhinestones will have two or three transect very fuzzy inside.

Water: Small a little water to the surface rocks, true diamond in the sphere of water will spread very slowly even rhinestones, the sphere will spread very fast.

Friction: Grinding slightly over sandpaper, rhinestones will be dimmed, whereas real diamonds are not affected. However, this is recommended not to abuse.

Method 2. You can observe, distinguished by magnifier

Diamonds are very hard (10 Mohs), whereby a very high gloss. When checking visual cut seems thinner fact, caused by the extraction of diamonds have high, the author has no organoleptic qualities shortened markedly winch such levels.

When viewed through a magnifying glass, weld lines (border) between the two diamond cutting sensory vivid, sharp, rhinestones with adjacent lines blur, not sharp, curved or rounded

Above are few experiences to help identify real diamonds, fake naked eye or simple device. Today, with modern science, we have created diamond tester is very convenient. However, using the simple method and modern equipment to check the diamond have to pay attention to the conditions for the identification to be the best.

One point to note is that you can check fake diamond in 2 minutes.

Check by reading the letter.

If your diamond is not studded jewelry, put it to one newspaper. If you can read through the letters and were oblique but due to lighting effects, but clearly, it's rhinestones. Real diamonds have complex structures that do not easily let the light passing through completely. It will make transmissions more blurred image.

Check with sandpaper.

Diamonds are the hardest substance known to us. It would be impossible to try to scratch a natural diamond. Check by taking sandpaper lightly rub over the surface. If diamonds are scratched, then it is fake.

Check glare.

Watch carefully diamonds from the top down, and from the side. Compare capability antiwar gloss and light.

If you look from the side has much different than when viewed from above, it may be a fake diamond. For rhinestones only cutting, grinding, polishing ... so that from above it looked identical to real diamonds, but very little on the side will be more focused.

Journal jewelry hope, with the simple check will help you quickly distinguish what is real diamond, where the rhinestones.