Black Diamond - treasures from meteors

Ancient legend has it that the black diamond is the only gem not appear on earth in the usual way as other gemstones that are formed from a supernova explosion and the earth falls under the meteorite rain. For these black diamonds themselves have brought in it the mystical value human life and worship of God's treasures, masterpieces from space with old as 3.8 billion years. Because of the unique gems disobey laws mineral formation s

But more than the value of rare or luxurious, Black Diamond also possesses a priceless value without a gemstone that has been: the possibility of a reconciliation. Indian legend tells that whenever a conflict or war between tribes people just touch the magical black stone was any contradiction seems to be neutered. Thus ancient Indians always had a strong belief in the power of the dark color from black stone miracle because it contains special power can reconcile any conflicts and reconciling the opposites between the things of creation.

Feng shui believe that Black Diamond property is you possess strong energy and eternal land and water (the five elements of Hengshui black) - the energy source is considered to bring money talent, fame and authority to the owner. So long black diamond jewelry has become the symbol for the royal position, is the pride of the religious realm rank and magical stones help bring good luck in the business of merchants.

Particularly in the field of fashion, luxury brands and famous designers are considered black diamonds as a finality to give birth to the luxury product reserved for the elite - are manufactured items with extremely limited quantities to become masterpieces. From Lana Marks Cleopatra bag attached 1,500 black and white diamonds cost $ 100,000, or bra $ 5,000,000 worth of Victoria Secret is the gem from 3900 in which mostly black diamonds with point click the pair weighs 100 carats of black diamonds until the handset or Vertu Goldvist must also attractive thanks to the mysterious and powerful of the black diamond to bring their products to the unique location in the territory Most sheer luxury ...

Wearing the black - the color of mystery night, the vast universe or deep sea chasms ... Black Diamond gives people a sense of elegant style, to both, powerful and very trendy same depth and appeal very hard to describe - a beauty totality of all beauty. Thousands of years that passion has not changed, black diamonds are becoming increasingly rare and will always be one of the mysterious jewelry symbolizes power and wealth