How do you evaluate the diamond?

Diamond is forever saying that lips of those who know the value of the diamond. But diamonds are priced like? Not really anyone owning diamond understand its true value. Understanding the value of the diamond, the more you will love it more.

In a crystal, the atoms are arranged in order, with repeated motifs, with links located keep them tightly together. Models of crystals often include points (representing atoms), connected by lines or surfaces.

Diamonds have two basic characteristics different from other crystals. One is the "maximum symmetry" - while other crystals can be rearranged to become more symmetrical, the diamond can not.

Diamonds also have a characteristic similar to the circle and the sphere, which is seen from all sides equally. A diamond crystal looks no different whether viewpoint or direction.

Sunada discovered that in the plethora of crystals according to mathematical theory, only another form also has two characteristics mentioned above like diamonds, are Sunada called "crystal K_4".

"Crystal K_4" looks no less beautiful diamond "Sunada said, and added that although it is only in theory, but also may someday people will find in the wild.

Diamonds can be cut to different shapes: circle, tears, heart, shaped ovale ??

Diamond values ​​were identified by four factors, commonly known as 4C, ie:

Colour (Color): Diamonds are usually white (there are also pink, blue, yellow, brown), and the higher value if more white color. Color scale starting symbol D (colorless ?? No color) and continue down the E, F, G, H, I, J, ?? Z. Read more

Clarity (Transparency): Used to describe the density of defects in diamond, starting from FL (Flawless ?? No cons), IF (internally flawless) down gradually to VVS (Very Very Slightly Included) VS (Very Slightly Included), SI (Slightly Included), P, I (Imperfect). Diamond values ​​as high as fewer defects. looking for more information

Carat: carat per unit (equivalent to 0.2 grams). The heavier the weight, the higher the value ?? but it should be noted that the value increased exponentially because of the large diamonds more rare. For example, if one weighs 0.5 carat diamond is priced at 3,000 USD, a member 1 carat (weight double) can cost US $ 10,000 instead of 6,000 USD. looking for more information

Cut: If 3 C above the available natural elements of the diamond, the last C is extremely important factor to determine the value of the diamond. Main new cutting off the beauty's top sparkling diamond. If the standard cut, the diamond will become brighter, whiter, more sparkling because all light falling on it are refracted and reflected totally on the surface rather than being lost to the bottom thanks to collaboration optimal combination of angles, symmetry and number of the cutting surface. As usual, the cut was divided into three class: Good (Good), Very good (very nice), Excellent (Excellent) to reflect the precision of the cut surface (rate, quantity and angle Conditioning, balance). looking for more information

When the advent of advanced technology, cutting was able to reach the Ultimate sophistication, and a nascent class ?? that is Super - ideal (Excellent). To get a diamond Excellent class will have to spend more effort and wastage of raw materials more than any other class, and so its value will be higher with 1 other members of the same weight, color excellence and transparency. Excellent class is tested with light effects Hearts & Arrows (hearts and arrows) can be observed through a special-purpose glass. When looking at the face on the diamond, you will see eight arrow absolute precision balance, and the like, 8 heart will appear when you look at the back of the diamond.

Currently, Jewelry Diamonds Doji is the largest center of Vietnam Customers appreciate. Bright diamond product line and the world's rarest named D-10 first appeared in Vietnam. If such a conventional diamond cut standards after 8 arrows, hearts 8 and 58, the visual cut diamonds D-10 to own up to 10 arrows, 10 heart and 71 cut sense. Worldwide only 0.1% of rough diamonds suitable for cutting into 10 hearts, 10 arrows and each diamond is extremely rare and is crafted by hand by one of the 50 master craftsmen in the world (see article diamond D-10).

Vietnam alone, buyers tend to purchase large diameter diamond, thanks to easy identification. The same diameter, color and transparency, a high-class diamond will weigh more and more sparkling diamond low level, and have a much higher value.