The formation of diamond

Heat and tremendous pressure. Diamonds and the rising lava flows from volcanic eruptions ground. When inactive volcano and cooled, diamond is hidden in lava hardened plaques. There are two ways of mining - over the traces of lava flows or ground spraying alluvial stones.

Over the centuries, thanks to rain water, the lava has been detected diamond first and then was in the river where the alluvial soils.

Diamond is the hardest natural material that we find on Earth, and have a simple composition in precious stones.

Diamond is the hardest natural material that we find on Earth, and has the composition simplest of gemstones

Millions of years, conditions diamond structure no longer exists on our planet anymore.

During the original declaration of earth history, the freezing material and planet formation, the material in the ground under a heat and pressure terrible.

Material conditions in the Earth's crust have created arrays of pure carbon, gradually crystallizing into diamonds. Diamond consists of pure carbon purity, although there is no chemical difference between the carbon powder and diamond, but the differences between the physical properties of carbon powder and crystalline diamond is very big and the period Fantastic.

The geological layers around the Earth cools, creating pressure and hard rock markings motion and cracked. The lava (magma) is pushed to the surface to form volcanoes, of the spray material with the crystalline diamond formed in the ground.

As the Earth cooled, hard rock diamond gradually, and in the rocks of this, we now find the diamond.