Top 5 Best Free and Paid ERP Software for Small and Medium Businesses

What better than an acronym to abbreviate and simplify complex and long names? Even more so if they refer to an English term. This idea is extremely widespread in fields such as technology or marketing, where acronyms appear as if by magic.

One of the most popular in recent years is ERP, given its usefulness in the business world. What exactly is this concept? What are the best ones on the market? What advantages do they offer companies? These are some of the questions we will address in the following lines.

Top 5 best free and paid ERPs on the market

1. Holded

Holded is an intuitive, versatile and complete business management program. It specializes in offering management solutions for SMEs. It covers all the needs, general and specific, of growing companies, thus optimizing processes.


Contact with customers is one of the most important elements for the successful development of a company. This is something that Holded's CRM (Customer Relationship Management) covers perfectly. Through it, you can manage every aspect of these relationships and ensure complete control over them, from start to finish.

Take advantage of your opportunities at any stage of your sales process and create a short-term business scenario. In addition, it is possible to assign responsibilities to your team members, mark won or lost opportunities and calculate the probability of closing.

Holded CRM also allows you to customize your sales funnels; they come with default stages, but you can always modify them and add new ones to suit your needs.


Holded can automate your invoicing process, from creating the invoice to sending it. First you must choose one of the 40+ templates it offers and add your corporate image.

Then you just have to fill in your contact information and schedule it to be sent. If you mark it as a recurring payment, it will be sent automatically on a regular basis. You can always track the status of your invoices and check at a glance whether they are pending, overdue or paid.

Finally, you can invite your customer to a virtual space called the Customer Portal to pay you online. It is worth noting that this process is the same for creating pro forma invoices, delivery notes and estimates.


Every movement you make in your Holded account will be recorded in your Journal. You can keep it manually or automatically so that you always have control of your accounts.

In addition to this, the program offers automatic bank reconciliation: it aligns transactions with invoices of the same amount and the user only has to click to confirm. Saving hours of work.

Project management

This management system also offers multiple tools to manage every step of every project you start, as well as the functions your employees will perform within them.

Holded offers you different default templates (such as Kanban and Gantt chart) to organize your projects. Within these you will be able to assign tasks and check in detail how much time is spent on each one. Moreover, if you connect them with your finances, you will be able to invoice by hours.

Intuitive design

Each dashboard and report in Holded is designed with the purpose of displaying information efficiently to the user. It is a very visually appealing and easy to use platform.

Customization and integration with other systems

Holded allows you to customize your business processes and adapt to the specific needs of your company. In turn, it integrates with other applications, such as ecommerces or payment gateways (Shopify, PayPal, Stripe...). Therefore, we are talking about an ERP that gives you the possibility to manage your company in a centralized way.

2. Selenne ERP

If we talk about Selenne, we talk about a highly effective program that specializes in the engineering, chemical industry, manufacturing and inspection sectors. This platform is paid annually, with no extra costs for each module, so the user can get a very complete package with a single subscription.


Selenne stands out for its traceability. In that sense, this ERP offers you the possibility to make a deep tracking of any item or product you want. This tracking can be done manually or automatically.

Treasury and Accounting

This program also has useful tools for treasury and accounting management. In it you, as a user, can create budgets of different types, make accounting entries, manage the journal and register different accounts. You also have the possibility to create specific cost centers to coordinate your company's expenses according to each department and different needs depending on the time and context.

In general, the user will be able to organize expenses and payments in every way, setting due dates, transaction status, customers and suppliers.

Human Resources and CRM

Selenne ERP also provides its users with a customer relationship management system. This functionality allows you to keep track of the different offers and after-sales services of your company. Among these management possibilities is also the coordination of your internal team, as you can manage contracts, calendars, work reports and any other type of documents.

Inventory management

Another expensive feature offered by Selenne is that it gives you the possibility of advanced inventory management, so (due to its focus on the manufacturing industry), you can carry out a better management of the products and, at the same time, you will achieve a reduction of the costs associated with the inventory.

3. Geslan ERP

This enterprise resource planning software is designed to be used by SMEs. However, the work sectors with which this ERP company usually works are quite varied: carpentry, construction materials, canneries, supermarkets, appliance stores, bakeries, hardware stores, candy stores, among others.

This means that it is a very versatile program, capable of meeting the needs of different types of customers.

Simple and fast

The software is designed to be used quickly and easily, so there is no need to spend too much extra time learning how it works. Moreover, it can be used by any entrepreneur who needs to start managing his business in a more professional way.

In addition to this, it has a telephone support line to which you can ask any questions or doubts regarding the program.


Geslan ERP also offers information, advice and labor, tax and accounting training. This allows the user to rely on the platform and the team that manages it to obtain the general knowledge necessary for the control of his company.

Technical support and updates

Thirdly, Gestan also offers good technical support. In addition, it is an ERP that offers its users regular updates to ensure that the system is always working properly and in accordance with the latest developments that are emerging for ERP.

4. Odoo

Open source Odoo offers an efficient service for managing businesses of all kinds. It has been designed to be used by any kind of company, regardless of the industry to which it belongs. In addition, this open source ERP offers the possibility to access some of its functionalities at no cost, as well as to obtain a completely free trial version.


Odoo offers a wide range of management functions. It ranges from accounting and invoicing to CRM. Through the large number of tools that this platform has, the user can control with it all kinds of processes, projects and tasks related to your company.

Human Resources (HR) and Marketing

Within the wide range of functions that Odoo makes available to its users, there are marketing and HR tools. In the case of marketing, there are different types of automated online marketing solutions that you can apply. Similarly, in the case of HR, the user will manage contracts, leave, expenses, fleet, meals and any other personnel-related aspect.


The third thing we highlight about Odoo is that it is an open source and modular software, which is a great competitive advantage. Precisely, this modularity means that users of this ERP have the possibility to choose which modules they want to implement according to their needs and budget. Therefore, it is a system adaptable to multiple and diverse types and sizes of business.

5. Oracle

Oracle is another of the most popular business solutions in all sectors. This company, which has been popular in the technology sector for many years, offers a wide range of services to suit all types of companies and industries.

However, one of the most efficient and popular elements is its ERP tool. In fact, due to its advantageous features, Oracle has become a classic system among large companies.

Constant innovation

Oracle software is presented as a space in constant development. This guarantees the user that he will have the most advanced technology from the very first moment. In addition, it is a system that makes use of artificial intelligence and automatic learning to detect possible problems that may arise. In other words, it leads the way in innovation.

Multi-project management

In general, the management of projects through the tools offered by Oracle is very simple and very effective. It allows the user to organize resources, assign tasks to specific people and closely monitor the development of each project.

Oracle is very useful for streamlining your company's financial performance and optimizing your cash flow.

Scalability and security

As we pointed out when introducing this ERP, Oracle can be used by companies of different sizes, from small to large corporations. That is why we say that it is highly scalable. But, on top of that, it is a very reliable ERP in terms of data security, privacy and protection against other kinds of cyber threats.


Any of the above tools, whether it is a proprietary or free ERP, will provide its users with novel and efficient ways to manage one or several companies. New technologies, the Internet and artificial intelligence are being used to optimize all business processes to the point of significantly increasing productivity.

Why is an ERP necessary?

ERPs are currently necessary for companies because they allow them to manage their business processes more effectively. With them they increase their productivity, are more efficient and obtain greater profitability through advantages such as these:

Process integration. They allow the integration of all business processes in a single system, without having to use multiple platforms and reducing data duplication.

Access to real-time information. They provide updated and up-to-the-minute information on business processes, which helps to make faster and more effective decisions.

Increased efficiency. Improve efficiency by automating manual tasks and eliminating redundant processes and human error.

Better collaboration. Optimize collaboration between teams and departments in the company, since all processes and data are accessible to employees who have access to each project or task.

Reduced costs. By using a single software system for business management, companies reduce the costs associated with managing multiple systems, employee training and data integration.

In short, an ERP is necessary for businesses because it gives them the opportunity to make business management much more efficient.

What is the price of an ERP system?

The price of an ERP system will depend significantly on several factors: supplier, functionalities, size of the company, number of users, implementation... In general, it can cost hundreds of thousands of euros. However, there are brands that offer free trial versions to get to know the ERP before implementing it.

Apart from installation, some vendors require an annual payment for software updates and technical support. In addition, the total cost of the ERP system may include other expenses, such as employee training and additional customization.